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Automatic Sprinkler

1. Pendent Brass
2. Pendent Chrome
3. Upright
4. Side wall Type
5. Concealed Type
6. Recessed Type
7. Pendent Intermediate
8. Extended Coverage
9. Test & Drain Valve

The Best Models B & BN Sprinkler are a low profile yet durable design which utilizes a frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element. While the sprinkler provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it can be installed wherever standard spray sprinkler are specified.

This sprinkler series is available in various styles, orifices, temperature ratings and finishes to meet varying design requirements. Quick response sprinklers should be used advisedly and under the direction of approving authorities having jurisdiction.

The heart of Best models B & BN sprinkler proven actuating assembly is a hermetically sealed frangible glass amount of fluid. When heat is absorbed, the liquid within the bulb expands increasing the internal pressure. At the prescribe temperature, the internal pressure within the ampule exceeds the shatter. This results in water discharge which is distributed in an approved pattern depending upon the deflector style used.

The patented seat design of Model BN consists of an engineered plastic seat and silicone o-ring This combination has from the bulb to the water in the system, resulting in faster response.

In addition, the plastic seat is not subject to corrosion or deterioration by chemicals, bacteria, or electrolysis.

All Types of Category Avaliable 68°, 79°, 90°, 110°, 147°,

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