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Fire Pump

Automatic fire fighting pump sets

Diesel Engines

4 stroke, Direct Injection, Fitted with stop solenoid & Alternator.

One & Two Cylinders Air cooled

Three, Four & Six Cylinders: Water Cooled

Isolating Valves

  • Gate valves: Threaded or flanged of good quality shall be fitted on suction & discharge of each pump
  • Check valves: Swing type. Bronze or cast iron flanged of good quality shall be fitted on suction & discharge of each pump.
  • Rubber expansion Joints: Single flanged or double sphere according to pipe size. Would be fitted at both side of diese pump.
  • Pressure Switch & Pressure Gauge Differential adjustment type switch. Each pump is provided with a switch
  • Switches are pipeline mounted and provided with ball valve for easy replacement.

Control Panel

  • Standard features shall include the following:
  • Thermal Overload Relays
  • Circuit breakers
  • Hands / Off / Auto Switches
  • Automatic Cranking System
  • Emergency Stop
  • Automatic Battery Charger
  • Dry Running Protection
  • Ammeter & Voltmeter
  • Warning Lights
  • Water Proof Control Box Pressure Tanks

Membrance type pressure tank, equipped with isolating bleed off and charging valve

Available: From 50 to 500 ltr.

Routine Maintenance

A well-maintained pumping system will extend the life of the unit and require fewer repairs. A routine maintenance and inspection schedule should be set up on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis with records keep of these actions.

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