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Fire Hose Nozzle

Size (Inlet) 1"  2"  2"
Material Aluminum Alloy to BS 1490 & Hard Plastic
Throw Range 14m (Jet & Spray)
Type of Inlet Instantaneous, Threaded & Ferroule

3-way Jet/Spray/Shut-off Value Nozzle

3- Way Jet/ Spray Nozzle is available of different type of inlet. Its function can be adjusted to any desired application such as jet, spray or shut off valve.

Detector Test Device


  • Applicable to the test for heat and smoke detector.
  • Extension pole is very flexible, it has five section and could expand from 1,44m to 5m
  • With the movable function of test vessel, user can easily overcome the difficulty to reach the detector during test period
  • The enclosed igniter is generated by gas, its temperature is adjustable and used for heat detectors.

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