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Fire Fighting Hose Real System

Fire Pump

A well-maintained pumping system will extend the life of the unit and require fewer repairs. A routine maintenance and inspection schedule should be set up on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis with records keep of these actions.

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Fire Hose (LAYFLAT)

The fire hoses imported are of the highest quality and are widely used by fire brigades and industrial users. Available as either coated or uncoated., 75 ft in lengths up to 100 ft. and including 150 fts. (45m). the fire hose is ideal for wash down and can be supplied in Red and White

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Fire Hose Real

The Swing and Fixed type hose reel which is specially designed for surface mounted where access is limited or in a recessed cabinet are imported and supplied.

The flexibility of the hose reel is high so that it can be used without alterations for mounting with inlet to left or right of reel.

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Fire Hose Nozzle

Available for flush or surface mounting

Plastic film on glass,Test key inserted from bottom

Open circuit with series resistor

Suitable for the majority of conventional firm alarm system

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Fire Cabinets

Fire Cabinet can be manufactured according to clients requirements of any sizes and material finishes

Also Available in door and architrave only.

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