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Fire Fighting Dry & Wet Riser

Hydrant Valves are designed to 8.82060,8.8 5041,6.5 5041 Part2.

Inlet Flanged or threaded to international standards.

Outlet 65mm ( 2 1/2M ) female instantaneous. Full range of pattern including OBLIQUE, BIBNOSE and 30° to 90° types are available. Body made of gunmetal or brass with renewable hard composition rubber disc.

Chrome plated valves on request, valves are manufactured to class 200 rating or PN32 designation. Blanking caps and plugs supplied on request.

Regulator Controlled Pressure Hydrant Valves

Operation Both "E" type and Stanley type pressure regulators incorporates a spring loaded balanced pressure reducing valve combined with hydrant stop valve. Positive outlet pressure control is achieved by aventure section in the outlet flow away.

The pressure rise in "shut off" conditions is minimal under severe frost conditions, the regulator should be suitably protected to prevent any residual water in the regulator from freezing and adversely affecting its operation.

Applications Fire mains systems in high rise buildings, for high pressure systems on oil rig platforms and in oil refineries and chemical plants. In conditions where length of water mains lead to high pressure drop where low pressure conditions are produced by pump characteristics.

Pressure Range : Outlet : 4.1 to 5.5 bar,   5.5 to 8.3 bar,    Inlet : 4.8 to 20.7 bar.

Connections :

Outlet : 2 !4" instantaneous female coupling to B.S 336.
Inlet : 1 1/2" flanged ANS1150; suitable for B.S 4504 PN 16, B. S 10
Table H and DIN ND 16. Blank cap
Blank cap and chain fitted as standard.

Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are manufactured from 420 gm/m2 glass fiber, class as non combustible to B.S 85476 part 4 and class 1, surface spread of flange to B. S 5476 part 7. These fire blankets are able to with stand temperature in excess of 55°C (1022° F) version of inpregnated both sides with special high temperature resistant silicon rubber, finish weight 565 gm/m2, extremely flexible, meeting requirement of heavy duty to B. S 6575 to extinguish flame at some 900° C (1650°F)

Dry Riser Inlet Breeching

Inlet Breechings are designed to B.S. 5401 Part3,"Universal" pattern for mounting horizontally or vertically without adjustment, SG Iron body with gunmetal fittings.

OUTLETS : PN 16 Flange 4" & 6" to B.S. 4504, fitted with 1" drain valve with blank cap and chain.
INLETS : 2 or 4X211T male inst. each with spring-loaded non return valve with rubber blank cap and chain. All gunmetal or chrome plated versions available.

All equipment and valves are designed and manufactured in compliance with B. S 1400 & B. S 336.

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