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Control Panel


Supply Voltage 220 VAC / 50Hz
Standby Voltage 24 VDC
Battery Capacity 2x12V / 12AH
Max. Output Current 2A @24 VDC
Max.no.of Detectors per zone 30
Max.No.of Bells
@25mA Housing Material
40 per sounder circuit
1.2mm steel plate
Dimensions 340mm (H) x 340mm (W)
x 130mm (D)
Weight (without batteries) 7kg

Standard Features

  • Fully supervisory to all inputs and output.
  • Indication for open, short circuit and head removal on detection loop.
  • Resettable fuses that can automatically cut off power for circuit protection.
  • Twin sounder circuit output and each rated at 1A @24VDC
  • Built-in output per zone for Repeaters panels.
  • Auto – monitoring for open and short circuit on batteries
  • Zones disable facility enabling simple servicing and maintenance
  • On- board key switch enable for board operation.
  • Complete with integral charger for sealed lead acid batteries
  • Ground leakage monitoring
  • Disconnecting supervisory between PCBs.
  • Main sound and area sound disable function
  • Lamp test feature

Optional Features.

  • Outputs for extinguishing facility and activated when alarm from 2 cross-zones.(AH-02412E)
  • Upto 32-zone is also available with larger dimensions
  • LCD display (2x20) with program keypad (AH-02412L)

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