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Automatic Dry Chemical Power


Pressure type dry powder fire extinguisher, suitable for A, B, C & E fire classes such as wood, flammable liquids, gases & electric fire.

Reliable components are carefully chosen to give maximum efficiency along with high quality agent, to achieve high performance.

Construction Features

  • Seamless deep drawn container made of high tensile cold rolled sheet.
  • Minimal welding points to give attractive Appearance.
  • Polyester resin electrostatically cost : ~ high quality weather resistance
  • High bursting pressure.
  • Quality silk-screen printing with of :-- instruction.
  • Quality chrome plated sprinkler head safety and EPDM "O" rings.
  • Built in pressure relief mechanism.
  • Automatically discharge operation at 68" C
  • Quality pressure gauge with EPDM "O" rings
  • Ease of maintenance and refilling.
  • Durable components and least spare parts Consumption.


  • See Technical Data overleaf

Standard Portable sizes

  • 4.5 Kg. & 6 Kg.


  • Single piece cardboard boxes.

BRISTOL Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher used for the following fire classes.

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