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About Us

Goals and Objectives:

The company with its qualified team is ready to provide products, facilities and services that are up to the international and UAE standards of technology.

Our purpose is to make customer understand how their business intends flourishing over the coming years, and what obstacles may arise and opportunities be followed.

Its our assurance that we can identify the specific areas which will give them the benefits of reducing: costs, overheads, wasted times, returns, defects, delay of delivery, staff delay, and increasing sales, productivity, customer service satisfaction, control, Security, profits, marketing return, earnings per share and product quality.

We believe that our first responsibility is to supply reliable and excellent product to our customer, and help them to make the best decision on what will be reliable and beneficiary for them.

Scope of Activities

1. Fire Detection Systems:

Our Fire Detection products are Mainly Imported from UK & Taiwan the products have been manufactured with advance technology and Civil Defence approved. Our systems are:
  • Fire alarm Addressable Systems.
  • Fire alarm Conventional Systems.
  • Fire suppression Systems.
  • HSSD Air Sampling Systems.
  • Intelligent Gas Extinguishing Systems.

2. Fire Fighting Systems: Our Fire Fighting Products are
  • Fire fighting & Sprinkler System Pump Sets.
  • Fire Extinguishers All Types (Portable & Mobile).
  • Foam Concentrates
  • Hydrant Automatic Sprinklers.
  • Kitchen Hood Wet Chemical system.
  • Fire blanket and Fire suit
  • All accessories required for Fire Fighting Systems.
  • All Type Fire Hose Reels & Fire Cabinets.

3. Access Control:
  • Fingerprint Recognition Systems
  • Proximity recognition system
  • Face Recognition System
  • Iris Recognition System
  • Car Plate Recognition System
  • Time and Attendance Systems

4. CCTV:
  • Multiplexer
  • Quad Processor
  • Switcher
  • DVR
  • Video Distributor
  • Waterproof camera
  • Dome Camera
  • Board Camera
  • Wireless Camera
  • Night Vision Camera (All Types of Camera for all uses)

5. Burglar Alarm Systems:
  • Intelligent Security Systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Burglary, Fire, Panic & medical Systems
  • Door Type
  • Window Type
  • Glass Type


  • Hydraulic Pipe Grooving Machine
  • Pipe Thread Machine
  • Hole saw Cutting Machine
  • Fire Alarm Tools
  • Fire Fighting Tools


  • Office Vehicle
  • Pickup
  • Staff Vehicle

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